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Advantages Of Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box

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  • Megjelenés: 2019-05-28 06:01
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Various connector terminations are convenient and flexible to install.
There are various specifications such as drawer type and fixed type;
Modular fiber optic distribution box termination is more convenient and flexible to use;
Support the management of various fiber connectors, such as SC, LC, ST, MT-RJ, etc.
Up to 48 core LC or MT-RJ (24 dual port LC or 24 MT-RJ) fiber connectors can be terminated in 1U space;
Closed management;
The front operation makes installation quick and easy;
1U height, built-in two sets of fiber-optic coils;
Concave recessed or flush mounted mounting.
Application range
The introduction, fixing and stripping protection of optical cables, welding and protection of optical fibers, storage of pigtails, storage and management of fiber jumpers, fixed connection of optical fibers and cross-connection, etc. At the same time, optical splitters can be installed according to customer requirements. Value-added module units such as wavelength division multiplexers.
Used for termination, use, and management of fiber optic cables between wiring closets and equipment.
Main points of corridor Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box wiring:
The light distribution box should be installed close to the vertical pipeline and convenient for maintenance.
In order to facilitate subsequent wiring, the optical branch box should be installed on the middle floor.
The vertical pipe position is selected near the platform of the user’s door, and the rest platform is selected. After the vertical pipe is laid, the hole in the floor should be repaired and the contaminated wall surface should be painted.
PVC pipes are selected for vertical pipes, and one pass box is installed for each layer; plastic trunking is selected second.
The horizontal pipe is selected as the bellows, the second-selected single-hole PVC pipe and the plastic wire trough, and the pavement is fixed with the clear line.
Route selection:
The vertical pipe position is selected as the corridor platform close to the user’s door, and the rest platform is selected.
In order to facilitate subsequent installation operations, vertical pipes are not allowed to be laid outdoors in principle.
Pipes should choose vertical routing, try to avoid lateral misalignment adjustment.
If the vertical displacement of the vertical pipe cannot be avoided, a little misalignment is adjusted with the 146 pass box; if the long distance is misplaced, the horizontal pipe can be added and the 100 pass box can be installed at both ends.

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