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Advantages Of The Villa Elevator Cable

  • Megye: Komárom-Esztergom
  • Ország: Azerbaijan
  • Megjelenés: 2019-05-31 05:43
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1. The network data cable conductor can be single or stranded. The power cable is made of stranded soft structure conductors, which makes the product softer and more resistant to bending.
Second, the conductors are selected to meet the requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission’s oxygen-free copper. The high-precision oxygen-free copper also meets the requirements of the national standard. It has good flexibility, low electrical resistance, low power transmission loss, and long service life.
Third, the network data cable uses twisted pair structure, the twisted line pitch of each pair of twisted wires is professionally planned to reduce crosstalk and interference. If there are more annoyance signals in the Villa Elevator, the network data cable can be aluminum foil single shield or aluminum foil plus The braided double-shielded structure shields the external signal from annoying the signal of the cable.
Fourth, the network data cable insulation material is made of high-quality imported high-density polyethylene material, the dielectric constant and dielectric loss angle are relatively small, the attenuation is small, the electrical function is excellent, the signal transmission is stable; the power line is made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride material, and the insulation is insulated. Excellent in function, pressure resistance and softness.
5. The flat outer layer of the elevator elevator cable plays a vital role in the cable. The PVC outer sheath not only has good flexibility, but also has strong elasticity, wear resistance and bending resistance. The data signal line will be used. The power cable and the reinforcing components are perfectly combined together, and they are isolated from each other on the same level to avoid mutual signal annoyance, reduce construction space and improve construction convenience.
Sixth, the strengthening components generally use high-flexible galvanized steel wire. The steel wire is made of multi-strand regular stranded structure, which has strong tensile and anti-twisting properties. It can choose different sizes of reinforcing components according to the elevator cable.

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