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Talking About The Precautions For The Installation Of Villa Elevator

  • Megye: Veszprém
  • Ország: Azerbaijan
  • Megjelenés: 2019-05-24 04:46
  • Lejárat: A hirdetés lejárt!


In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the performance of Villa Elevator, the elevator market for household villas has gradually become a solid device, because the safety, carrying capacity and performance parameters of the elevators for household villas are very high.
We know that the equipment will be controlled by the industrial computer in the design, so it is very intelligent, especially in the operation process. The stability is very strong and the operation will be more and more convenient. Due to the promotion of the domestic household villa elevator equipment market, it is understood that the function and use of the equipment will be more extensive. Only after discovering the function and use of the elevator in the home villa will the technical performance be gradually improved, which will be more convenient in the application process.
First, the villa elevator car door and automatic door mechanism failure: when the door is opened, there is shaking sound, no door opening, no door closing, there is a sound when opening the door, the door gap is too large. The debris of the sluice chute should be removed, the safety touch plate should be adjusted, and the connecting rod should be refueled.
Second, the hall door is the same as above.
Third, the door opener failure: there is a sound when running, or suddenly stop. The position of the opening door should be adjusted.
Fourth, the guide rail failure: the operation is not stable, trembling, Zheng Dong and other phenomena. The track size should be adjusted, adjusted with the guide ruler, and the interface is trimmed with the track ?.
Fifth, the guide shoe failure: the operation is not stable, there is the phenomenon of grinding iron, vibration, etc., the guide shoe wears seriously, the position of the guide shoe is not equal, the guide shoe should be replaced and adjusted to the shoe position.
Sixth, the safety gear failure: there is a grinding iron sound during operation, when the safety clamp will also act brakes, or single-sided brake. The safety clamp gap, safety linkage mechanism, lubrication and lubrication should be adjusted to ensure flexible movement.

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